Anna Maria Castelli Gianni Coscia & Renato Sellani (mehr)
Something To Remember (CD 24 K-Gold-CD)

Artikelnummer: Fone 036 Gold
Label: Fone (mehr)
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Anna Maria Castelli - vocals
Gianni Coscia - fisarmonica
Renato Sellani - piano

Aufnahmen 12., 13. und 18. November 2003 im Mu Rec Studio in Mailand.

SOMETHING TO REMEMBER was created by chance during one of the many jazz festivals spread all over the world, exactly at the Gaume Jazz Festival. On that night, 3 soloists happened to meet, sat down and went back, with their memory and heart, to the best songs which had marked significantly their artistic and human experience. The result was this record with its genuine, refined and essential songs. Instead of virtuosity and affectation we have exalted sounds, colours, timbres and above all emotions, which have been too often neglected.
In creating and interpreting these songs, in a strange fusion of accordion, piano and voice, I meant to leave something which remains for those willing to hear what belonged to the past, great tradition of Italian Jazz, and which can last in the future, just not to forget.

Club of the 496
Diese Gold-CD wurde nur insgesamt 496 mal produziert. Dies macht diese Gold-CD einzigartiger und exklusiver im Laufe der Zeit.

1) Lover man - J. Davis R. Ramirez J. Sherman 4.49
2) Honeysuckle Rose - A. Razaf T. “Fats Waller 3.00
3) My funny Valentine - L. Hart R. Rodgers 7.05
4) Marechiare - S. Di Giacomo F. P. Tosti 4.29
5) Yesterdays - J. Kern 5.37
6) Vedrai, Vedrai - L. Tenco 4.39
7) Tammurriata nera - E. Nicolardi E. A. Mario 5.06
8) Lush Life - B. Strayhorn 3.24
9) Donna - G. Giacobetti G. Kramer 4.02
10) When I fall in love - E. Heyman V. Young 2.49
11) Black Coffee - P. F. Webster S. Burke 4.14
12) Im beginning to see the light - H. James D. Ellington J. Hodges 3.11
13) Hes got the whole world in his hands - traditional 2.44

Notes on an audiophile CD
A truly audiophile CD, in our views, should:
a) posses the very best performance of the music of its kind;
b) be manufactured by the most meticulous and advanced process so that the in- tegrity of the original recording is maintained. The Fon compact discs in the “Refer- ence Gold 24K series, have been produced following in the strictest way the below standards: the titles in the range have been selected from the Fon catalogue for their artistical and musical value and for the superior recording quality. And trying “to perfect the best, are now issued on a 24K Gold support. These are more in details some of the distinctive features of the “Reference Gold.

Gold metallization
Research has revealed that among all types of metallization (e.g. aluminium, super aluminium, anodized gold-colour aluminium) 24 Karat Gold bears the most impres- sive specifications in terms of uniformity of metal deposition, reflectivity and the least number of visible pin holes.

Zero Bler
The word “Bler is the short form of “Block Error Rate. According to the “Red Book specifications of Philips on the standard quality of production of a compact disc, a stamper that contains not more than 200 “Blers is still within tolerance. In a ideal situation, zero Bler is the ultimate quality and can, in principle, be achievable by to- days technology. In the Fon, "Reference Gold range we reject any stamper that has Blers higher than 50!

Lab tests have confirmed that 24 karat Gold CD has the highest laser beam reflectiv- ity rating. The high reflectivity allows the reading laser beam to be reflected back to the photo-detector at nearly full power, virtually eliminating any laser photon scatter- ing, absorption of distortion, hence, dramatically reducing data reading errors.

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