Perez Prado Orchestra (mehr)
Exotic Suite Of The Americas / Voodoo Suite (Normale LP 180 g)

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The pairing of Perez Prados two orchestral tone poems is something of an occasion to celebrate. The “The Exotic Suite of the Americas and “Voodoo Suite are the de ning moments in Prados long career as King Of The Mambo. Though the “Voodoo Suite, with its larger-than-life orchestra, six saxophones, three trombones, seven drummers, six trumpets, and more, was equal parts a Latin dance band and a jazz orchestra, its tight charts by Shorty Rogers made it a dramatic beast to wrestle and a sublime one to listen to. On “The Exotic Suite of the Americas, Prado took a decidedly more laid-back approach and made his score more cinematic in scope and tone.


Side A:
Exotic Suite Of The Americas And Six Other Prado Sound Spectaculars
1. Exotic Suite Of The Americas: 16:23
a. Theme Of Two Worlds b. Amoha
c. Criollo
d. Theme Of Two Worlds e. Uamanna Africano
f. Blues In C Minor
g. Theme Of Two Worlds
2. Midnight In Jamaica 2:40
3. Mama Yo Quiero 2:06
4. Son Of A Gun 2:00
5. Jacqueline And Caroline 2:16
6. El Relicario 2:11
7. I Could Have Danced All Night 2:04

Side B:
Voodoo Suite (Ep)
1. Voodoo Suite 23:13

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